MCC will as your newsstand consultant and at your request, review your existing National Distributor contract and suggest to you possible alternatives to enhance your distribution and marketing capabilities and if necessary negotiate a new contract at the appropriate time.

MCC will function as your newsstand department interfacing with your National Distributor on a regular basis.  We are online with all the National Distributors as well as Ingram Periodicals and Source Interlink, both of whom provide distribution to Barnes & Noble as well as other important retailers. We will utilize this ability to support our efforts on your behalf.

If, requested, MCC will accompany you periodically, to meetings with your national distributor, to assist you in their business and review plans for your publications. We are fully experienced with working with the account executives and distribution management and our expertise in this area can only enhance your sales.

MCC will review your print orders on an issue to issue basis, with an objective to increase the efficiency of sale without a loss of copies sold.  We will provide the necessary information to your staff for the newsstand portion of your print order.

At the wholesaler level, MCC has regular interaction with the major wholesalers throughout the United States and Canada, as well as the Foreign Market, making visits to their facilities for our clients during the course of the year.

MCC performs marketing services for all our clients as it pertains to promotional opportunities and the booking of promotions with all Airports and major Bookstore Retailers. In performing these services, MCC will always look to offer our advice as to the benefits of any specific promotions and will negotiate the best possible terms. We review, track and approve all your promotional invoices prior to forwarding them to you.

MCC will, if directed, formulate a promotional strategy, based on an established budget, for your consideration.

MCC will provide you and your staff, as requested, with pertinent and necessary information to educate them to newsstand distribution and the ongoing problems related to it today.  We will also work closely with you regarding cover treatment and will, at your request, attend strategy sessions with management and/or editorial groups.

MCC will keep you informed as to newsstand categorical sales trends.

MCC will, when available, provide competitive sales and pricing data to your company as it becomes available.

MCC represents its clients at the various wholesaler and retailer trade shows, such as MPA/PBAA and Hudson Group Vendor’s Show.